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41G T-Pro SG5010 Ballraced RC Servo Servo-SG5010
41G T-Pro SG5010 Ballraced RC Servo Servo-SG5010
Item# Servo-SG5010
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These high power output servos represent absolutely amazing value for money. Output torque is rated at 8kg/cm at 4.8V or 11kg/cm at 6V.

  • 100% Brand New Nylon Gear Servo
  • Perfect for R/C Helicopter, Plane, Car & Boat or trucks use
  • Compliant with most standard receiver connector: Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS etc.
  • Each servo comes with servo horns and fittings
  • Light Weight
  • Less Noise
  • Dimension : 40mm x 19mm x 43mm
  • Weight : 39g
  • Operating Speed :
    • 0.14sec / 60 degrees (4.8V no load)
    • 0.11sec / 60 degrees (6.0V no load)
  • Stall Torque :
    • 8kg/cm at 4.8V
    • 11kg/cm at 6V
  • Temperature Range : -30 to 60 Degree C
  • Dead Band Width : 4ms
  • Operation Voltage : 3.5 - 8.4 Volts
  • Motor Type: 3 Pole Ferrite
  • Potentiometer Drive: Indirect Drive
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Gear Type : All Nylon Gear
  • Connector Wire Length: 11.81 inch (300mm)

Operating speed

Stall torque

Temperature Range
Dead band width
Operating Voltage
Structure Feature
5.2kg/cm (4.8V)
6.5kg/cm (6.0V)
3 pole ferrite, all nylon gear. Top boll bearing, connector wire length: 32cm

  • SG5010
  • Coreless Motor
  • Connector Wire Length 300mm
  • Dual Ball Bearing
  • Nylon Gear
  • Servo Arms
  • Mounting Screw
  • Brass Eyelets
  • Rubber Grommets


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