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Walkera 6-Channel Dragonfly 40 Advanced CCPM 3D RTF Radio Remote Control RC Helicopter H40
Item# H40


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6-Channel Dragonfly 40 Advanced CCPM 3D Great for Outdoors Flight  *Brand New* 3D CCPM 6-Channel R/C Helicopter.  This 6 channel Dragonfly 40 remote control ready to fly collective pitch micro helicopter has finally landed at a special price of only $172.88! This is a fully functional CCPM Micro Helicopter which is fully 3D capable and can be flown right in your own living room or your backyard.  READY TO FLY OUT OF THE BOX...

Based on the famous ESKY Honeybee 2 CCPM, but in the size of a Zoom / Shogun 400.
Equipped with carbon brush 380 main motor. Powerful enough to fly stably in strong wind.
Tail transmission gear system.
True CCPM collective pitch mini RC helicopter. Can fly in skyway, backward and 3D aerobatics.
The transmitter is equipped with 3D mode conversion switch, and PZT and PLT adjustable knob, which can be used to adjust the helicopter to the best flying state.
6 Channel Multi-functional R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down & Pitch Control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, Pitch AND THROTTLE).
9 g servo and outer gyro.
All in one circuit board with ESC+MIXER+RECEIVER+GYRO.
Highly efficient tail rotor with elaborate structure.
Adjustable screw space in the tail blade and axes drive system.
The helicopter is pre-assembled and READY TO FLY. Only need 8 AA Batteries to power the transmitter.

Main rotor diameter:

Approx. 625mm

Tail rotor diameter: Approx. 145mm
Overall length: Approx. 500mm
Overall height: Approx. 205mm
All-up weight: Approx. 500g (battery included)
Driven system: 380 carbon brush motor
Battery: Ni-MH12V 650mAh

This helicopter is suitable for experienced players with middle level.

  • New Design CCPM 6ch Helicopter Dragonfly #40
  • Full 6CH CCPM Helicopter, 3D flight possible
  • 1.5X LARGER in size than other mini Electric Helicopter 

Walkera DragonFly 40

  • New 6ch Transmitter with Pitch Control Adjustment
  • 3D Switch available
  • CCPM Rotor Head (Based on Esky CCPM)
  • New Design Breakthruogh
  • Based on the famous ESKY Honeybee 2 CCPM but in the size of a Zoom / Shogun 400

Walkera DragonFly 40

  • Dimensions (inches) :Rotary Wing Span =2.5ft, length = 2 ft
  • Powerful ??380 Main Motor
  • More precision control allowed ?
  • No need to worry about burning tail motors

Walkera DragonFly 40

  • 6 Channel Multi-functional R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down & Pitch Control(RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, Pitch AND THROTTLE)
  • 6 CH Multifuncation Transmitter
  • 72Mhz for USA/Canada and 35Mhz for Europe

Walkera DragonFly 40

  • Easy Assembly,READY TO FLY, Only need 8 AA Batteries(buy seperately) for Transmitter
  • About 5-10mins Flight time for each charge (Li-Po battery can flying 15-20 mins)
  • Full Parts suppor??t
  • Suitable for Indoor/Backyard/Park (500 sq ft area)

Walkera DragonFly 40

Package Include:

1. Dragonfly #40 CCPM Helicopter (pre-bulit, zero assembly time)
2. Original Speed Controller + Gyro board
3. 6 Channel Receiver
4. 72MHz 6Ch Transmitter with servo reverser (35MHz avaliable)
5. 3 X 9g Servos
6. 12V 650mAh Ni-Mh Rechargeble Battery

7. 110V Quick battery Charger
8. English Manual

9. Colorful Box

Walkera DragonFly 40

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