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Walkera DragonFly 39 6-Channel Electric Brushless Radio Remote Control RC Helicopter RTF Li-Poly Ready H39
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The Dragonfly 39 6ch Micro Helicopter - is a completely new look design of bell-hiller helicopter. It is bigger than Dragonfly 35 and 40. With new 6 channel transmitter, 180 (3200KV)brushless motor, 30A speed controller, firm body and light-weight main blades, almost unbreakable rotor head. It features the outstanding flight performance and against the wind, anti- falls the ability, easy repair. You will feel you are driving the gas helicopter. Visit our video for the flight performance!

DragonFly #39 RTF


  • New Design Breakthrough -- COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other r/c helis

  • Hard, Light weight foam Main Blades

  • Strong built and improved rotor head

  • New 6 channel Transmitter with PZT and PLT mode lock switch, adjustable knob

  • 6 Channel R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down & Pitch Control (Rudder, Aileron, Elevator, Pitch, and Throttle)

  • 6 Ch Transmitter included, Mode 1 Left Hand Throttle 72Mhz for USA/Canada or Mode 2 Right hand throttle 35Mhz for Europe

  • B28 3500 RPM Brushless Motor & 30A Brushless Speed Controller

  • No Tail Motor. Tail Rotor powered by Belt Driven system like Gas-Helis. No need to worry about buring tail motors or the gears striped.

  • Tail blade adopt strafe driving system and flameout landing system

  • Similar to T-Rex construction, bigger than Dragonfly 35, 40

  • Easy Assembly , READY TO FLY, Only need 8 x AA Batteries for Transmitter

  • Equipped with 11.1V 1800mAh Li-po battery, about 15-20 mins flight time for each charge

  • Suitable for Indoor/Backyard/Park (500 sq ft area)

DragonFly #39 RTF

DragonFly #39 RTF

This helicopter is suitable for experienced players with middle level.


  • Total length: 600mm (24 inch)

  • Total weight: 720g

  • Main Blades diameter : 675mm (foamy material) (26.5 inch)

  • Tail rotor diameter: 145mm (6 inch)

  • Main Motor: B28 3500 RPM Brushless motor

  • No tail motor. Tail rotor powered by belt driven system like gas helicopter

  • ESC: Built-In 30A brushless speed controller

  • Servos : 9 g x 4

  • Gyro: outer placed

  • Power supply:li-polymer battery (11.1v,1800mah) + Li-po charger

  • flying time: 15 minutes(li-polymer battery)

  • Adopting normal 3D mode and the 3D mode is adjustable screw space

  • Brushless motor, belt drive system, adjustable screw space in the tail blade; has strong power to meet strong wind.

  • Can fly in skyway, backward and 3D aerobatic

  • The controller is equipped with 3D mode switch; PZT and PLT adjustable knob, and can be adjusted to the best flying state.

  • Radio control set:6 channel R/C 35/72Mhz set included (complete forward/backward, left/right, up/down)

  • Pitch Control: Rubber, Aileron, Elevator, Pitch and Throttle


Package Includes:

  • Walkera Advanced #39 R/C helicopter

  • Original Walkera B28 Brushless Motor (3500RPM) & 30A Brushless ESC

  • Walkera outer placed gyro

  • 6 Channel Receiver with Original Speed Controller

  • Left-hand 6Ch Multi-function Transmitter with servo reverser + retractable gear switch (Right-hand throttle is also available on request

  • 4 X 9g Servos

  • 11.1V 1800mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery

  • Lithium battery Charger (110v or 230v both available)

  • Extra Pair of Main Blades

  • Tool Set

  • English Manual

  • Color Box 

Parts for Upgrade:

1. Carbonic Blades (buy seperately if needed)
2. Lithum Battery Intellective Charger (buy seperately if needed)

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