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Walkera HM 4-3B Micro Helicopter 2.4Ghz Metal Aluminum Upgraded Edition
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Walkera HM 4-3B 2.4G Metal Edition is a new generation palm size helicopter equipped with 2.4G advanced radio system and metal upgrades. To compare it with other palm size helicopters, 4#3B offers more stable, silence and smoother flight. It is not a 2-channles toy. It is a serious rc helicopter for players from intermediate to experts.

Ready-To-Fly [RTF] indoor helicopters are becoming bigger than ever because of the way they appeal to beginners with their cheap price tags and ease of use. Walkera has proven to be one of the key players who are leading the way when it comes to indoor fixed- pitch helicopters. Their newest edition, the 4#3 with 2.4 GHz transmitter, appears to be a helicopter with great potential that will cater to a broad range of beginners and advanced pilots alike due t o its fixed pitch design and supposedly great indoor capabilities. Getting a helicopter to fly great right out of the box is something that manufacturers are beginning to strive for, but still proves to be a little tricky for some. How well will Walkera?s new little helicopter hold up?

HM 4#3B Brushless Upgrade

This is the latest 2.4Ghz Walkera 4-3, the super micro radio controlled helicopter, come in Ready-To-Fly package with all the necessary items inside. It is stable and easy to fly, you can learn how to fly it in 1-2 days. Its overall length is only 185mm controlled by 2 x 3.5g only micro servos. With compact 90 degree swashhplate structure, the servo and other parts are easy to install. The tiny 4-in-1 controller is integrated with Receiver, ESC, Gyro and Mixer with high sensitivity and strong resistance to interference. The 4-channels 2.4Ghz transmitter with over 100+ channels allows you to find different 2.4Ghz at the same time without collision, also the power indication avoids the crash caused by lack of transmitter electricity.

Walkera HM 4-3B Features
The 4#3 comes with a small and simple layout that?s very clean and robust. Everything flows really well, as the writing is organized and all the components are laid out with room to spare.

  • Super mini servo (3g) is prompt and accurate in reaction;
  • One cell Li-Po battery at 3.7V 400mAh offers 8- to 10-minute flight after fully charged;
  • 4-channel transmitter with visible power indicator can avoid helicopter losing control due to the shortage of battery power, and support you to fly without any worry.

The main rotor blades are conventional plastic blades commonly found in fixed pitch designs, it is designed with a predetermined angle of attack and both blades are attached together in a single assembly. The blades also have a unique color scheme (which is breath of fresh air) and even contains a well- written warning.

The 4#3 uses two small servos that mount to both sides of the frame with all aluminum tabs directly below the swash. The motor is mounted inverted, directly in front of the aluminum swash and on the frame itself. There is a designated battery tray that is mounted to the main frame which snugly holds the battery. The receiver mounts on a tray in the very front which screws to the frame.

The one- piece landing gear consists of a very thin wire- like metal materials that runs through a small top on the bottom of the frame. It can also be disconnected from the loops in the back.

The aluminum head block a small o- ring type damping system due to the over lapping style plastic blades, and it is clamped to the main shaft. It also utilizes a swiveling fly bar that is attached with small brass inserts.

The plastic canopy comes pre- painted with a black windshield and a red and black color scheme. It has two slits in the bottom where the landing gear slides in, and it utilizes two grommets on the back that attach to a single plastic rod.

The all aluminum swash plates are bearing supported and because of the heli?s fixed ? pitch design it sits permanently in the same position. It is directly connected to only two servos with the use of integrated balls. It uses a anti rotation pin that slides freely in the anti rotation bracket.

The frame is a simple, small one piece plastic design. Both the plastic battery mount and front receiver tray both to it.



The motor is mounted directly in front of the main gear in an inverted position. It is bolted to the frame itself by way of two self- tapping screws.

The pinion is made of plastic and meshes directly to the main gear.

The black plastic main gear is retained with a very small Jesus pin and has large cutouts in order to reduce its weight.

The tail is a motor driven so there isn?t any use of a conventional belt drive, pulley systems, etc. However, the motor in the tail does directly spin a small gear, which in turn meshes with a gear attached to the tail blades for tail control.

The carbon boom requires no boom supports because of its light weight and measures in at 105 mm in length.



  • Overall Length: 213 mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 202 mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 48 mm
  • All-up Weight: 48g (Battery included)
  • Tail Motor: N51 (Strong magnet)
  • Drive Motor: 1220(Strong magnet)
  • Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po battery
  • Transmitter: WK-2401
  • Gyro: Built-in
  • Receiver: RX-2406
  • Servo: weight 3.5g; speed 0.11sec/60?(4.8V); torque 0.30kg/cm(4.8V); dimension 17.5X6.5X21.5mm
  • Certification: CE, FCC

Package included :

  • 1 x Walkera 4#3B Metal Rotor Helicopter Body (RTF w/ 4in1 controller & 2 x 3.5g Servo installed)
  • 1 x Walkera Transmitter WK-2401 4ch 2.4G
  • 1 x  400mAh Battery (3.7V Li-polymer)
  • 1 x Universal Charger (EU / US / AU / UK all available!)
  • 1 x Adapter Cable for Flight Simulator System
  • Quick Start Guide and Manual in English
  • Extra! 1 Pair of Spare Main Blades


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