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180L Walkera Brushless Motor WalkeraMotor_180L
Item# WalkeraMotor_180L


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This product adopts the new generation frame design of no slots which boasts the advantages of good timing ability, high reliability, no maintenance, no exchanging direction sparkle and so on. Furthermore, it dispels the domino effects of alveolus and it has little vibration of torque, clam operation, low noise, small armature inductance and orientation interfere moment etc. Here are the advantages: 

1.The shell of the motor adopts high technology aviation aluminium material; light weight, good ability of giving out heat at the same mechanism intensity. 
2.Adopting frame design, no alveolus effects, high efficiency, little volume. 
3.The permanent magnet adopts high capability neodymium iron boron, so it minishes the volume and weight greatly at the same output power. 
4.The stator adopts import silicon steel, good pulling on magnetism, high efficiency, so it lasts the aviation time. 
5.It adopts import high speed bearing at forward and backward respectively; low noise; long life time. 

Actiyator of brushless motor, Use for both aeroplane and helicopter of electromotion. 
Backspin: adjust the line of brushless motor to reach positive and negative turn. 
There is protecting program to stop run when the voltage is too low. 
Automatism stop to avoid injury the people when the remote control signal can be found and it will work once the signal can be found again. 
High performance brushless motor 
(it needs match the timing of brushless motor ) 
Using import Selenium(Se) steel , high flux and magnetism make efficiency. 
It can save a lot of electric-power with the front and backball bearing. 
It is the ideal parts of electromotion aeroplane and helicopter's. 

Brushless Motor

Product Details 
Brushes Motor 180L 
Length : 20 mm 
Diameter : 40 mm 
Axes length : 13.5 mm 
Axes diameter : 2.0 mm 
Installation bore depth : 3.5mm 
Item Size (mm) : 168 L. x 72 W. x 54 H. 
Weight : 70 g 
Impend-dance : 87 
Hollow holding current (10V) : < 1A 
Speed constant : 3200 rpm/v 
Working voltage : 6-18v 
Shaft Diameter : 2.3mm 
For use the helicopter: WALKERA No. 22a, 22e, 22d, 35, 36 helicopter......etc 

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