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2 Channels

Beginners 2-Channel - Easy and Fun to Fly!
{ 100% Assembled RC Helicopters Included Electronics & Radio. All Ready to Fly!

2-Channel remote controlled helicopters below are great helicopters for beginners who want to start in the helicopter hobby. These things are affordable and easy to fly and gives anyone instant gratification of hovering and flying a radio controlled helicopter. Besides the mini helicopters that can fly inside a small bedroom, most of these 2-channel helicopters are meant for outdoor fun for both kids and adults. One of the best toy for kid!  Once you got the hang of the 2ch helicopters, you can upgrade to 4ch RC helicopters or 4-channel co-axial models .  No matter what, you can have a lot of fun with our RC Helicopters.  We welcome you to join our discussion forum if you have questions regarding rc helicopters.  One of our recommendation is The 9093 Model Dragon Fly RC Helicopter - a great rc helicopter for beginner flyers.  It is a strong and durable helicopter.  They are easy to fly, and hover great.  Best of all, they are cheap to maintain.  For beginners, The flight simulator for the personal computer here is great way to train you on how to fly helicopters and airplanes.  It contains various helicopter and airplane models without the expensive cost of crashing the real thing. 

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